About Us

Launched 2016PET NURTURE is a Holistic Animal Therapy Mobile Wellness Centre servicing Sydney, NSW.

Pet Nurture delivers safe and effective Canine and Feline Myofunctional Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy for Animal Companions and Loving Pet Care services. Through our specialist Myofunctional therapies and wide range of Pet care services, we help your pets; de-stress, move better, recover faster, live longer, be happier and healthier, and because our service is mobile, your pet is cared for in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Pet Nurture prides itself on genuine and personalised service, passion about what we do and our industry, long lasting relationships with our clients and partners, preventative animal health care and conservative treatments in a nurturing and professional environment.

Pet Nurture offers FREE phone consultation to pet owners and continually strives to educate current and future clients about responsible pet ownership, animal behaviour and ways to improve and enrich your animal’s Longevity and Quality of Life.


Melina Grin

Melina’s love of animals began in childhood, when she would care for sick or stray dogs and cats while dreaming of becoming a Vet. While working in the Veterinary field she found a distinct interest and passion in Small Animal Rehabilitation and Animal Behaviour. Melina has many years of experience handling and caring for animals: her own, as well as pet sitting, cat minding, dog walking, nursing and rehabilitating her clients’ beloved companions. To complement this natural compassion for animals, she has added professional skills, memberships and qualifications to round out her holistic approach to animal wellness.


  • Qualification: ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing – Distinction (ISFM CertFN)
  • Qualification: Canine Myofunctional Therapist (CMT)
  • Certificate of Completion: Physical Therapy (Canine & Feline)
  • Statement of Attainment: Canine Fitness Trainer Program
  • Certificate of Completion: Introduction to Companion Animal Pain Management
  • Certificate of Completion: Introduction to Canine Osteoarthritis Case Manager
  • Statement of Attainment: Animal Health Care and First Aid
  • Statement of Attainment: Basic Animal Care
  • Member: Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association (SAENA)
  • Member: Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA)
  • Member: DOGS NSW
  • Member: Feline Nutrition Foundation

Melina is currently studying to become a qualified Veterinary Nurse with a view to progressing to Animal Behaviour Therapy. She also gives her time and expertise to several animal rescue events and festivals.  Melina’s discovery of holistic natural therapies started several years ago following her own diagnosis of a recurring digestive disorder, which was treated successfully with alternative treatments. Then, when her beloved cats suffered from anxiety, skin, mobility and digestive conditions of their own, natural therapies and bodywork were used in combination with western veterinary medicine to bring them back to full health.  

Melina is also the founder and admin of the newly created Facebook group: Feline Seminars, Workshops, Webinars & Events

Rebecca Miele

Rebecca is an American living in Sydney. She has many years of experience volunteering in animal shelters and fostering animals in the U.S and Sydney as well as volunteering with one of her cats, Solider in an aging care facility back in the U.S. She has 3 rescue cats aging from 10 years to 6. Her oldest, Biz, has moved all over the world with her and her husband. She’s quite the traveller. All three cats have their own unique personality and quirks. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves animals and will look after yours as if they are her own.

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