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Dog Training

Does your pup need Puppy training?

Does your dog need Obedience training?

Have you always wanted to teach your dog new skills and tricks but didn’t know where to start?

Look no further! qualified, experienced and here to help you and your best friend train through positive re-enforcement in the comfort and safety of your home or park.




PUPPY IN-HOME TRAINING: We will help your pup integrate comfortably into their new home by establishing a happy, safe and relaxed environment. Your puppy will learn good manners, toilet and crate training, basic obedience cues plus separation coping techniques. You will learn about puppy development, diet and nutrition, dog body language, environmental enrichment and much more. Most significantly we will teach you how to positively reinforce desirable behaviours and stop unwanted ones. 2 hours in-home training sessions for pups from 8 weeks of age (with first vaccination).

DOG TRAINING: Training is a significant part of your dog’s life; it provides lots of benefits to you and your pet and ultimately strengthens the bond you share. Many common problem behaviours are normal dog behaviours that humans don’t find acceptable. Other behaviours may be a sign of a psychological or medical issue. Following our initial assessment; we will develop a customised training plan based on your dog’s breed, individual needs, temperament, health and environmental conditions. We will provide you and your dog with training or management techniques to best reach a result for you both. Private dog lessons are one hour in duration and consist of obedience and beyond the basics training.




If you’d like assistance with your dog’s obedience problems or would like your best friend to learn a new cue or trick, contact Pet Nurture on 0403 939 202 or Enquiries@PetNurture.com.au. We’d love to empower you and your animal companion.