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Canine Relaxation Massage

Dogs like people experience everyday life stresses ranging from the emotional (anxiety, boredom, fear, abuse and lack of love) to the physical (workload, confinement, exercises and training schedules). When your dog is stressed, they will experience reduced muscle function (muscles will not contract and relax at their optimum), their body will display tension, they will be prone to injury plus compensatory issues and may even experience behavioural issues.

The relaxation massage routine focuses on the nervous system and its main purpose is to induce relaxation and a strong release of nervous stress. Once the relaxation has been achieved it will clear nervous blockage and will regenerate movement of vibrant energy throughout the rest of the body.


Pet owners report several benefits from Canine Relaxation Massage: 

  • Reduction in symptoms of anxiety
  • Less use of medication
  • Improved behaviour
  • Less tension and stress
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Decreased amount of pain


Dog owners should notice positive results over the course of one to several treatments, while your dog will feel an overall improvement and may even fall asleep at the first treatment session.



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