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Cat Behaviour

Does your cat scratch at inappropriate places?

Does your kitty pee or poop outside the box?

Does your moggie bite you?

Are you having problems introducing your resident cat to a new dog/cat?

Is your cat experiencing separation anxiety?

How a cat behaves is predisposed by its genetics, early life experiences and current living environment. These components interact in a way that is unique to your individual cat.

At Pet Nurture our aim is to help you understand why your cat is exhibiting a certain behaviour and address the problem using compassionate, Fear-Free and scientifically proven therapies.

Most of our strategies consist of behavioural and environmental modification techniques using positive reinforcement, pheromone therapy and/or supplementation.

We also offer in house cat behavioural training removing the need of referral to another professional.

Cat Behaviour Consultation Concerns include:

  • Conflict in Multi-cat households
  • House-soiling (litter box problems and urine marking)
  • Destructive scratching
  • Aggression towards humans and other species
  • Fabric chewing, Pica and Wool sucking
  • Dietary issues; obesity or anorexia
  • Overgrooming
  • Excessive vocalisation (meowing/yowling)
  • Boredom/hyperactivity
  • Cat-Cat and Cat-Dog Introduction
  • Taking care of kittens
  • Moving with cats
  • Food aggression
  • Counter surfing
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sleep problem behaviour
  • Anxiety, Fear, Stress and Phobias
  • Behavioural depression
  • Territorial issues
  • Cats hunting wildlife
  • External environmental behaviour problems
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Travelling with cats / home relocation
  • Semi-feral cat socialisation, environmental acclimatisation and training
  • Veterinary hospital, grooming and boarding behaviour problems and care


Offering in-home consults in Sydney plus telephone, email Enquiries@PetNurture.com.au, Zoom consultations Australia Wide.

We’re here to assist your cat prevent, manage or modify challenging behaviours and restore your everlasting positive relationship!

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No information presented on this website should be considered veterinary advice or a replacement for veterinary care. Behaviour issues in cats are often an indication of an underlying medical issue, always consult your veterinarian about behavioural changes and concerns.