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Cat Behaviour

Does your cat scratch at inappropriate places?

Does your kitty pee or poop outside the box?

Does your moggie bite you?

Are you having problems introducing your resident cat to a new dog or cat?

Is your cat experiencing separation anxiety?


How a cat behaves is predisposed by its genetics, early life experiences and current living environment. These components interact in a way that is unique to the individual cat.  

At Pet Nurture our aim is to help you understand why your cat is exhibiting a certain behaviour and address the problem using compassionate and scientifically proven therapies.


Stay tuned for more information Mid-2021





Needing assistance with your cat’s behavioural problems or would like your feline companion to learn a new cue or trick, contact Pet Nurture on 0403 939 202 or Enquiries@PetNurture.com.au. We’d love to empower you and your feline companion.