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Cat Training

Do you want to train your cat to walk on a harness and leash?

Do you want to clicker or target train your cat to perform certain cues or learn a new behaviour?

Does your cat run away when the carrier or clippers come out? 

Would you like to participate in a sport with your cat?

Have you always wanted to teach your cat new skills and tricks but did not know where to start?


Why Train Cats?

  • Provides mental & physical stimulation
  • Reduced fear, anxiety and frustration for kittens and adult cats
  • Decreases boredom and unwanted behaviours
  • Strengthens human-cat bond
  • Provides High Quality of Life
  • Husbandry training and cognitive learning as well as problem solving
  • Offers an outlet for normal behaviour
  • Fewer injuries to owner or caregiver
  • Develops a confident cat
  • Makes handling easier
  • Decreases likelihood of relinquishment and even euthanasia
  • Lots of FUN!



Cat to Carrier: Cats are masters of hiding pain, disease and require regular husbandry care, grooming including vet check-ups. The aim of cat to carrier training is for your cat to associate the carrier with a positive, happy encounter and enter / exit the carrier voluntarily. Reduction in stress of travel means you and your cat will have a stress-free experience and get the health care they need for countless years.

Harness/leash Training: Your clever feline companion might be slightly perplexed to have a harness placed on them in the first few instances, however with patience, perseverance and training we will get your cat accustomed and excited to go outdoors and roll in the sand, grass and dirt. Harness/leash walking is not suitable for every cat, forcing an anxious or skittish cat to walk on a leash can exacerbate their state of anxiety.

Cat Nail Clipping: Trimming nails can be stressful for both owner and cat. By coaching owners and their cats to accept nail clipping the fear free way, it will improve the human-cat bond, reduce destruction of owner belongings, injury to people and household pets. Learn how to train your kitten or cat to Love Nail Trimming without ruining your relationship!

Recall training: Recall training is not only useful for dogs. Training your cat to recall is similarly important and provides several benefits to indoor and outdoor cats. The ability to recall helps avoid nervous moments when you cannot find your cat and need to take it to a vet appointment or when it is outdoors at night-time. Recall teaches your cat that coming to you is a rewarding experience and reinforces your positive relationship.

Clicker Training: Clicker training is a wonderful way to teach your dog or cat a new cue or behaviour by employing a clicker sound immediately as your cat performs the specified behaviour and rewarding it.

Target Training: Targeting is teaching your dog or cat to touch a part of their body such as a paw or nose to a specific object. A target stick is easy to use and can help owners teach their dog/cat anything from simple cues to complicated tricks.

Cat Tricks: Your individual cat can be trained to perform many tricks which can help reduce fear, anxiety and frustration. Some cats are food or play driven and can be target or clicker trained. Once we figure out their most desirable treat or motivation we start with short weekly sessions and make it a fun experience for you both.

Cat Agility Training: Cat agility is a fun sport or hobby in which competent cats are enticed through timed obstacle courses by their trainers or owners. Agility is a great way to play, exercise and improves your relationship with your feline companion. Feline Agility Competitions are mainly hosted in the USA; however, the sport is taking off in Australia now. All you need is a Trixie Pet Products Plush Agility Activity or you can make your own obstacle course at home.

Feline Assisted Therapy: Cats as Therapists play a vital role in hospitals, schools, aged care, in therapy sessions and assist relaxation and healing. Cats who are confident, social, calm, friendly and cope well with new situations do well as therapy pets. To find out if your cat is suitable and start the training process, contact us for a detailed consultation.


Pet Nurture are Karen Pryor Clicker qualified, experienced and here to help you and your feline friend train through positive re-enforcement in the comfort and safety of your home.



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