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Just like people cats experience stress, however since cats are territorial, hunters and roamers change in feline body language is typically subtle making it difficult for an owner to recognise when a cat is stressed.

Stress has been established as a serious trigger of many behaviour problems and certain diseases hence it’s vital to reduce causes of distress as soon as they’re detected.

Please use this Feline Stress Audit to assess potential stressors within the cat’s environment.

Audit Questionnaire

  • This audit discusses most common stressors in a cat’s environment however this information is not comprehensive. When a cat encounters potential stressors it responds according to his/her genetics and previous experiences. We will contact you with the results within 24-48hours. Thank you from Pet Nurture.



At Pet Nurture our aim is to help you evaluate potential stressors within your cat’s environment and address the problem using compassionate plus scientifically proven therapies. Contact Pet Nurture on 0403 939 202 or Enquiries@PetNurture.com.au. We’re here to assist you and your feline companion.


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