Home Pet Care

The wellness centre that comes to you

If you are away travelling or at work, with Pet Nurture you can relax knowing that you have specialist care, attention and enrichment available for your pets whenever needed.  Offering mobile pet care services in Sydney, we care for your companions in their home environment as if they are our own.

We offer a wide range of home pet care services for dogs and cats:

  • Pet sitting: We’ll personalise an in-home plan so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Cat minding: We will do whatever it takes to keep your cat happy, healthy and safe when you’re called to other commitments in your life.
  • Dog walking: If you can’t get out and about, we’ll get your dog moving!
  • Cat walking: On-leash cat walking if your cat is an adventurous spirit and well behaved.
  • Pet feeding & medication: A regular service or one-off option if you’re not around.
  • Cat nail clipping: If you have the clippers but don’t have the time, we’ll get your cat’s nails looking trim every 4-6 weeks.
  • Veterinary visits: We can pick up your pet and accompany them to the vet.
  • Rehabilitation: Get dedicated and loving help and advice during recovery from surgery or injuries.
  • Help for the elderly: If you or a loved one needs a hand caring for your animal, we can drop in and help.
  • Enrichment: From organised playtime or scent training to fitness and social visits, we’ll get your pet looking and feeling their best with a great quality of life.
  • Pet Transportation: Individualised door to door transportation for your loved animal companion.


If you’d like to discuss home pet care services in Sydney, contact Melina on 0403 939 202 or Enquiries@PetNurture.com.au. We’d love to meet you and your animal companion.

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