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Cat Clicker Training Bundle



The PURRFECT CLICKER TRAINING PACKAGE FOR YOUR CAT. Now you and your cat can train together with our Cat Clicker Training Bundle!

This bundle includes;

We created the purrfect combination to train your cat, with this package deal the 1 hour Online Cat Clicker Training session will allow Pet Nurture to help you clicker train your cat Australia Wide from the comfort of your home.

In your 1 hour training, Pet Nurture will cover the below topics for you;

  • Introduction to Clicker Training
  • Foundation to Clicker Training
  • Cat Training Guidelines
  • Training Methods
  • Basic Cat Training Cues


What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is principally used to teach new cue or behaviour by employing a clicker sound immediately as your dog or cat performs the specified behaviour and rewarding it

Why is Training Cats Important?
  • Provides Mental & Physical Stimulation
  • Decreases boredom and unwanted behaviours
  • Minimises anxiety, frustration and aggression
  • Strengthens human-cat bond
  • Develops a confident cat
  • Makes handling easier
  • Lots of FUN!


Cost: $58 (excluding postage) available online now.

Contact us once you’re ready to start your cat training journey!





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