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Go Cat Teasers Long Sparkling Kitty Duster Cat Toy




Your cat will dust the whole house while trying to get the Kitty Duster!

The Go Cat Sparkling Kitty Duster wand is made of shiny strips of mylar surrounding colorful feathers and attached to a 45.7 cm long wand.

The mylar makes that wonderful rustling sound when swished and is sure to attract your cat’s attention during playtime. As with all other cat wand toys, it is meant to be used during supervised playtime.


  • 36 inch/45 cm wand toy
  • Colorful feathers and Mylar Strips (colors will vary)
  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Please inspect the toy often and remove / replace if it becomes damaged during play.
  • Colors of Feathers & Mylar may vary.
  • Great toy for physical stimulation
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