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Kitty Climb Playground – Ash & Cream



Kazoo have elevated playtime to a whole new level with this little beauty. Six levels of swinging, scratching and snoozing. Honestly, I don’t know where to start.

I think I’ll start with the plush deep-sink hammock. And then I’ll do some exercise later on. Ah who am I kitting? That ain’t gonna happen.


  • Plush deep-sink hammock
  • Sleeping den for hiding and quite time
  • 6 levels for climbing, jumping and swinging!
  • Strong sisal scratch pillars
  • Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play.


Width: 70cm
Depth: 60cm
Height: 178cm
  • Strong solid MDF inner
  • Furniture grade cream plush fabric
  • High quality, tough-wearing sisal

This product is a quality item and is heavy – approx 75kg

It comes dismantled and flat packed.

Easy to assemble with tools and instructions included

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