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Kitty Cube Playground



Some cats are happy with just one room. But not me. I enjoy a good snooze cruise and like nothing more than catnapping in different locations.

And I’ve got to say, I’ve really landed on my paws with this Kitty cube playground. It comes with two comfortably appointed cubby lookouts. One at ground level and another on the first floor.

Plus, it has its own private gym, complete with strong scratch posts and a climbing rope.

But best of all is the top floor penthouse, with superb views and its own high lookout cushy bed.

And I only have to meow once, and mum or dad will come and give me groom service.


  • Hanging play rope
  • Sisal pillars for scratching
  • Removable cushions for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play


Width: 70cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 125cm
  • Furniture grade plush fabric
  • High quality, tough-wearing sisal

This product comes dismantled and is easy to hand assemble.
Tools and instructions included.


This product is only available for shipping within Sydney Metro.

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