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Kruuse Catrine Catmosphere Treat Dispensing Cat Ball Toy – Pink and Black



The Kruuse Catrine Catmosphere Toy is a ball-shaped treat-dispensing cat toy that can be filled with cat treats, dry or air-dried cat food for slow feeding and to encourage mental stimulation.

Keep your cats amused, exercised and fed while engaging their hunting instincts with the Kruuse Catrine Catmosphere Interactive Treat Ball.


  • Treat-dispensing cat ball toy that rolls and releases dry or air-dried cat food or cat treats
  • Designed for increase activity and slow feeding
  • Centre cylinder can be removed and adjusted to control flow of treat/food release
  • Transparent ball for visibility
  • Non-toxic, animal-approved materials


Colours Available: Pink and Black

Dimensions: 9.5cm diameter

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