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Happy customers:

“Pet nurture is the most outstanding and professional pet care service that I have ever experienced.

Melina is an absolute, one of a kind pet sitter. Not only is she a detailed, caring, loving, experienced and nurturing Carer, she has a deep connection and innate understanding of animals, their behaviours and the intricate nature of their all encompassing needs.

I have used many pet sitting/caring companies in the past, and none compare to the service I have experienced with Melina. She is an absolute angel and enables me to make my frequent trips away less stressful for both my fur baby and I.

Its really difficult for me to leave my special girl, however my baby is always content and happy when I return home after Melina has been in her care. She treats my cat as her own and picks up on her specific needs and quirks.

It is such a gift to be able to leave home knowing and trusting that Melina has all angles covered and that I will be updated with detailed updates and photos.

I would highly recommend pet nurture to anyone who is considering leaving their pet in Melina’s care. She provides a five star service at all times.”

Scott Fairweather

“I completed the kitten kindergarten and harness training with Melina when Michu joined our family at four months of age. Pasha, the resident cat who was almost one at the time was struggling to adjust to sibling life. I thought I had enough experience when I took on a second cat but having been a dog mum most of my adult life, I was unprepared and worried about things not working out. Melina was so supportive and encouraging during this period and combined classes to include both cats. She helped me understand cat behaviours, temperaments and health needs and provided quick and easy interventions. She covered weekly topics, gave access to online resources, did live training with me and the boys and provided assistance in implementing strategies throughout the week. I learned to understand what the boys were communicating to me which reduced my own frustrations and anxieties and normalised my experience in the adjustment period. We have all found our groove in the household and the boys are well adjusted, healthy, happy, active and loving cats. No more peeing in plants, on beds or rugs, no more herding and guarding behaviours, no more competition for resources (mostly me), and best of all no more reoccurrence of flu symptoms which was the resident cats most worrisome stress response. Melina even helped prepare me for a home renovation that I thought would result in a reemergence of issues. By preparing the home, training the cats using exposure techniques and building my confidence we had a safe and problem free two weeks. The boys are now ready to revisit the harness training material and slowly develop these skills. Thank you Melina for your efforts, kindness, generosity, dedication and for your commitment to helping our family thrive.”


I have been working with Mel from Pet Nuture for years now. We have a multi cat household and all come from a rescue background. With this came some challenges, particularly with cats with greater needs and Mel has been my go to for advice. What I love most is that Mel really understands cats and behaviour, body language and that she explains the context to me so I understand it better but also breaks down the behaviour so its easy for me to understand what is happening and then put in place things to help modify so it is not so overwhelming.

We are doing click training at the moment with a young cat and Mel’s resources and guides have been INvaluable. For once I feel like i can actually achieve click training, which i wasn’t able to before.

Mel also showed me how to manage resource placement and place them appropriately in the home, which has helped greatly.
I’m also always looking for different ideas for games and puzzles to try, particularly non expensive options and Mel has been really good with giving me ideas there as well.

I have seen a few behaviorists before but none have been as good, comprehensive, and I didn’t feel like we had totally solved the problems, but Mel has been different in her approach and what felt like overwhelming, has now become a happy calm routine and strengthened relationship with my cats.
Mel’s recommendation for finding the right Cat Harness has also been invaluable.

Elisa Southon


Wow what an amazing course! I grew up with many kittens/cats in a house with a lot of land and didn’t think I needed Kitten Kindy – boy was I wrong. Having a kitten in an apartment is completely different, what a big shock.

Melina was caring, patient and an absolute wealth of information. Having detailed handouts was a bonus if you want to absorb the information at a slower or later date which is fantastic.

Highly recommend the Kitten Kindy course for every person with a cat or kitten, it’s definitely worth every cent. Not to mention it was also fun and I learnt so much despite having so many cats over the years!

Thank you again Melina 🙂

Pearl Burnet


Wally thoroughly enjoyed his massage with Mel, he was completely relaxed after it and napped most of the day. Mel was amazing at controlling Wally to give him his first massage and trust me he can be hard to wrangle sometimes. I would happily trust Mel to give Wally further massages especially as they are great for his health and Mel also  gives advice to help me some idea of how I can help care for him.

Testimonial from Wally:
I loved getting my massage from Mel she made me feel nice and relaxed. I made sure to give her lots of kisses to show her how much I loved it. Mel was good with me cause it is hard to keep my attention sometimes cause I want to explore everything. I can’t wait for mummy to book me another massage!

Jodie Humphries

Melina is one of the greatest people that has come into my life !!

She just looked after my fur baby whilst I was away for 7 nights.She is such a wonderful caring compassionate person.I got a very detailed text message and photos every time she went to my home which put me at ease straight away.My boy is quite a shy boy but she had him playing with her throughout the whole time

I highly highly recommend anyone needing help or advice on animals don’t hesitate and don’t look elsewhere Melina is the one !!

It is extremely hard these days to find a honest reliable person to trust your fur babies with so extremely grateful

Vicky Barnett

I am so glad I have found Pet Nurture!

Melina is passionate, knowledgeable and friendly. My cat Shyla’s cat clipping experience has been great and easy. Also, Melina always comes with treats and tips, so my cat Shyla loves her. I can tell she is comfortable around Melina. Highly recommended!


Melina is such a wonderful cat consultant. From day 1 she showed a lot of care and attention for our at-the-time three month old kitten, Ron.

Since having regular video consults, Melina have helped us understand Ron’s behaviour more and recommended products that have improved our kitten’s overall health. She is always available whenever I have any questions and gives prompt and individualised advice each time.

Melina has taught me so much and I believe that a lot of people would benefit from the pet services Pet Nurture offer. I would not hesitate to recommend Melina to anyone – she is truly fantastic!

Emma Wei

I really enjoyed working with Melina for her Kitten Kindy classes. My kitten Boris and I had so much fun, even though he slept through most of it! Melina made me feel so at ease and I learned so much with the 5 sessions she offered me.

I was able to ask my questions and get detailed solutions back and in such great depth as well. I would highly recommend these classes for anyone wanting to learn more about your cat and how you can give them their best quality of life. I will be taking Melina’s lessons with me for life. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Isabelle Hercigonya

I wish I could give Melina 50 stars for the changes she has made in our life! She is the cat whisperer. She has (in only a few days) helped our cat stop being so anxious. We have a different animal at home. Melina came to feed our cat whilst we were away and way exceeded our expectations.

We got a detailed text on every visit, followed by photos and video which put me at ease. She is outstanding with animals and we will be using her services again.


We have lived in 4 cities (and countries) with cats and a hectic travel schedule often need cat sitting services.  Melina and Pet Nurture is the best cat sitting service we have had in our 10+ years of requiring cat sitting.

You quickly realize Melina and team truly love animals and treat your fur babies like they are their own. We are able to relax when we have to go away because we know our fur babies will be well loved and looked after. I look forward to her text updates and pics of my cats from Melina when I’m away.

I highly recommend Melina and Pet Nurture to anyone looking for pet  services.

Rebecca and Jason Miele

Anyone seeking professional cat sitting services you have found the right person for your  adorable cat.

I say this with absolute truth, I have had the pleasure of having 9 cats in my time and what I find is each and every time we want to go away for a break or a holiday the pressure always fell back to that question who will look after our cat.

We’ve experienced cat sitters who have stayed in our home, professional catteries, vet carers who come to feed and pat our cats at meal time, even family members to look after our cats, but what we found in these situations our cat was always unsettled and at times anxious.

Yet each and every time our cats are in the trusted care of Melina our cats have always been calm, at ease and rested on our return. I put this down to Melina’s genuine care for animals, her kind, compassionate and caring nature. Melina is so responsible and trustworthy. I would recommend Melina highly for your next cat sitting job.

Naomi Nahoum

Business Owner & Yoga Teacher

I have known Mel to be an absolutely attentive, knowledgeable, nurturing professional, and her service, Pet Nurture, to be a true reflection of these qualities.

As a single owner of 7 rescue kitties (two of them with additional health and mobility needs), I would never have thought that I would be able to afford the services of Pet Nurture and I do feel truly indebted to Mel for providing over and beyond her responsibilities each and every time I have engaged her services.

I have zero hesitation in entrusting Orly, Giulia & Gracie, Giana, Cosy, Bambi & Piccolo to Mel’s care and am truly comforted knowing that she is a phone call away as a one stop service for the qualified, reliable provision of pet wellness services. We love Mel!!


I can’t rate Pet Nurture highly enough! Melina walks my dog Harry 3 times per week and always goes above and beyond with
him, playing games, teaching him new tricks, even giving him massages!

As someone with considerable animal and vet experience, Melina is also a wealth of information when you need to know
something. She is also extremely reliable, trustworthy, friendly and flexible when I need to make last minute changes.
Would absolutely suggest Pet Nurture to all my friends with dogs and cats!

Sally Crawshaw

Mel recently looked after my two senior cats and I cannot recommend her enough! I have never met someone who cared so much for my fur babies as if they were her own and it gave me total peace of mind knowing they were in such good hands whilst I was away.
Mel is amazingly thorough and sends adorable pet updates daily so you feel like you are never too far from your pets. She goes above and beyond for them and is magical at cat whispering – my two cats just love her and I would never trust anyone else but Mel to look after them. She is the best and I would definitely recommend Pet Nurture to absolutely anyone with pets!

Jamie Fox

Melina and Pet Nurture have provided exceptional and professional care to our rescue cat – who is anxious and not easy to be minded. In no time, Melina knew how to read him, what he needed and also how to reassure him.

We left with a peace of mind, which has no price, knowing he wouldn’t pee on the bed because Melina was there. Melina also shared her great knowledge in cat behaviours, gave so much love to our cat (he got a toy he’s crazy about!) and detailed reports to us while we were away. I strongly recommend her services and can’t think how I could go away again without Pet Nurture

Fanny Michaud

Melina from Pet Nurture is a very special and one of a kind lady who will take the best care of your pet. Melina went above and beyond my expectations of what a pet sitter should do. Our cats, Chief and Minnie were taken care of so well they probably wished I went away for longer. Minnie and Chief are anxious cats, but they warmed up to Melina instantly and greeted her every day at our door. I received daily pictures and videos of the cats with a full summary of how they are doing. I will certainly be in touch with Melina again when I need her services. It means I can travel knowing that my furry member of the family is taken very well care of.

Ronit Shaki

My experience with pet nurture has been amazing. Melina is so kind, caring and a wealth of knowledge. My cat is usually very vary of strangers but was completely in love with Melina very soon after meeting her. She is like a cat whisperer, it was amazing to see her interact with such ease with my cat. Melina has helped me and my cat so much and we are both forever grateful. If I’ve ever had any questions or issues.

Melina is so helpful and prompt to respond. I’m so glad I got help from Melina my cat seems so much happier! I can’t recommend pet nurture enough I have felt so supported and helped in every way through this journey.

Seraphina Loveridge

Melina is an incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable feline behaviourist. She has been providing expert guidance and direction for the training of my kitten over video conference on Zoom over the lock-down periods in 2020 and 2021. I was originally unsure how online video conferencing would go for training, however Melina’s meticulous observation and care has made it a huge success. I highly recommended Pet Nurture for any of your pet’s behaviour and training needs


We travel quite a bit and are very lucky to have the services of Melina at Pet Nurture to look after our furry family when we are away. Mel is thorough and responsible and genuinely enjoys spending time with our boys. They are loved and cared for and get more play time than when we’re at home! She is always accommodating and professional, and keeps us updated with news and pics/video every visit. We are so very grateful for the care and attention she gives in her work.

Love Alex & Carlos

Alex & Carlos

Kyokushin Karate – North Bondi Dojo

I highly recommend Melina to look after your pet. Pearl our Ragdoll was so happy and trusted Melina only after 24 hours as she is such a lovely person and great with animals, Pearl was really happy to have her as a playmate whilst we were away. Her passion for her work is outstanding and I cannot talk highly enough about her work ethics and passion. We received photos everyday giving us regular updates and making us feel Pearl is in safe hands

Jacqui Cameron

Travel Agent, MTA Travel Expert

I am so happy to have found Pet Nurture! Melina is absolutely wonderful, kind and gentle and Mistletoe adores her.


Melina recently babysat our 16 year old cat Sheridan.

From our first meeting, Melina’s professional, gentle and affectionate nature with animals was obvious. Sheridan is an older cat who doesn’t take well to strangers. Incredibly she walked right up to Melina. It is clearly evident that Melina has a magical relationship with cats. Before we went away, Melina ensured she was familiar with Sheridan’s routine, anticipating every detail. While we were away we received a detailed dairy of Sheridan’s daily activity complete with photos and videos. When we returned, Sheridan was well groomed and everything was clean and tidy.

I can’t recommend Melina enough. I can only echo all of the positive testimonials listed on the website. If you are lucky enough to have found Melina, look no further.

I have no doubt that Sheridan wants us to go away again!

Russell Port

Melina luckily came into our lives about 12 months ago. Her care & consideration for our dog and all animals was apparent from the start and continues to amaze us. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and easy to work with. The bond she has built with our dog makes us feel comfortable he is with someone who cares as much as we do.

Rebecca Hepburn

Melina is an expert in feline behaviour; she loves cats and they love her. Highly recommended.