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Are you still scratching your head and wondering how to encourage your cat to claw at their pole?

Use our simple tips to train your cat to scratch their post instead of your furniture:

  • Cats like to stretch and scratch after they wake up, try placing the scratching post next to where they sleep.
  • Tease the cat with a toy in front of the post so that when the cat takes a swipe, its claws connect with the pole, then hold the toy up high so that the cat has to climb the post to reach it.
  • Imitate the cat by scratching the post on daily basis (repetitive behaviour).
  • Attach a toy (i.e. mouse) with a rope to the scratching post and encourage the cat to catch the “mouse”.
  • Move the scratching post next to the prohibited object/surface and encourage the cat to scratch the pole.
  • Try laying the scratching post on its side and attach a toy.
  • Rub dried catnip leaves or powder on the scratching post to entice the cat.
  • Make the relevant object/surface (i.e. sofa) unattractive to the cat: cover it with double sided sticky tape, bit of orange or lemon peel or spray it with lemon scented sprays.
  • If your kitty loves treats and is food motivated like ours, you can try reward them with their favourite food. Initially, you can give a treat if your cat sniffs and investigates the post. As they become more familiar with it, give a treat when they place their paws on it, working up to when they scratch it.
  • Try putting some treats on top of the post. This will encourage them to climb up the post to retrieve the treats.
  • Do NOT punish your cat or shout at it since it may cause anxiety, potentially leading to other problems.
  • Provide several scratching posts in multiple parts of your home, especially for multi-cat households (at least one per cat).

Try each “technique” for at least 1-2 weeks and remember CATS are very smart and your persistence will pay off!


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