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There is no reason to miss out on the coolest virtual Kitten Kindergarten classes!

An early socialisation and habituation program for you, your family and your kitten are essential. 

Well-adapted, confident cats are less fearful of novel situations and less likely to display inappropriate behaviours.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding your kitten and cat’s body language
  • Socialisation to people, kids and proper cat handling
  • Keeping your kitten safe at home
  • Managing child-cat relationships
  • How to design an enriched environment for cats
  • How to prevent problem behaviour in kittens
  • Litter-box training and management
  • Importance of scratching and appropriate scratching surfaces
  • How to stop kitten biting and encourage good manners
  • Species-appropriate diet and creative feeding
  • Preventative health care
  • Introduction to harness & leash training
  • Introduction to clicker and target training
  • Fear Free health care: nail trimming, grooming, teeth brushing, pilling and weight checks
  • Carrier training, stress-free vet visits and much more!















Kitten Kindy Prerequisites

  • Suitable for kittens between 6 to 24 weeks of age
  • Clients with older kittens or adult cats encouraged to attend

Class Schedule and Location

  • 4-week Live online course (One-on-one)
  • Held once a week for 1-1.5 hours via Zoom
  • Weekdays or Weekends
  • The course fee is $200 for one kitten / $240 for two kittens
  • 2024 intakes are Saturday 27th January, Saturday 09th March, Saturday 18th May, Saturday 03rd August, Saturday 05th October and Saturday 02nd November.
  • Australia and Worldwide


Places are limited!

BOOK your spot by filling out this form, calling 0403 939 202, or emailing Enquiries@petnurture.com.au

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