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Get ready to have a blast with the most exciting virtual kitten kindergarten classes available!

You and your adorable kitten are invited to join us for a fun and educational experience. Our experienced trainer will guide your little furball through interactive play sessions, gentle socialisation exercises, and basic clicker training.

Your furball will gain confidence, develop crucial skills, and build lasting friendships with other cute kids and pets. With our expert guidance, they’ll learn essential behaviours, litter box training, and playful tricks!

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Understanding your kitten and cat’s body language
  • Socialisation to people, kids and proper cat handling
  • Keeping your kitten safe at home
  • Managing child-cat relationships
  • How to design an enriched environment for cats
  • How to prevent problem behaviour in kittens
  • Litter-box training and management
  • Importance of scratching and appropriate scratching surfaces
  • How to stop kitten biting and encourage good manners
  • Species-appropriate diet and creative feeding
  • Preventative health care
  • Introduction to harness & leash training
  • Introduction to clicker and target training
  • Fear Free health care: nail trimming, grooming, teeth brushing, pilling and weight checks
  • Carrier training, stress-free vet visits and much more!















Kitten Kindy Prerequisites

  • Suitable for kittens between 6 to 24 weeks of age
  • Clients with older kittens or adult cats encouraged to attend

Class Schedule and Location

  • 4-week Live online course (One-on-one)
  • Held once a week for 1-1.5 hours via Zoom
  • Weekdays or Weekends
  • The course fee is $190 for one kitten / $230 for two kittens
  • 2024 intakes are Saturday 27th January, Saturday 09th March, Saturday 18th May, Saturday 03rd August, Saturday 05th October and Saturday 02nd November.
  • Australia and Worldwide


A well-rounded and socially confident kitten is more likely to grow into a well-adjusted and happy adult cat. So invest in their future and sign up for our Kitten Kindergarten program to ensure a lifetime of joy with your feline companion!

BOOK your spot by filling out this form, calling 0403 939 202, or emailing Enquiries@petnurture.com.au

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