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Lilies are common house and garden plants nevertheless most of them are poisonous and can be very detrimental to cats.

The exact toxin in lilies that is poisonous to cats hasn’t been identified yet. It’s important to note that all members of the Lilium group produce a chemical that is present in ALL parts of the Lily which makes them TOXIC to cats.

They are extremely poisonous and a cat can suffer fatal kidney failure from just nibbling foliage, licking pollen off its coat or even drinking water from a jug with cut lilies in it.

If owners suspect their cat may have chewed on or ingested lily, they need to seek veterinary care immediately since Lilies Kill Cats and without aggressive treatment, many cats will die!

If you live with cats – keep lilies out of your household!

To read the full article head to https://www.australiancatlover.com/2019/08/lily-poisoning-in-cats-signs-treatment.html

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