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Take your DOG to WORK DAY should not be a yearly occasion, however for most employees and business owners it is.

Few days ago, we got asked by a loving and worried dog owner, how long is too long to leave my dog alone and what would we recommend while they are called to work and other commitments in their life.

10-12 hours is too long to leave a dog on their own, they need to have the ability to relieve themselves every 4-6 hours. Dogs may also suffer from separation if left unaccompanied for a lengthy time.

There are lots options to consider such as:

  • Pop back home for lunch – If your work place is short distance from home, consider dropping in, taking your dog for a walk in the park and having lunch on the bench at the same time.


  • Ask your boss if you can work from home once a week – Depends on the type of work you do and the relationship with your employer, ask your manager if you can work from home once a week or fortnight, your dog will be highly appreciative especially if you provide supplementary enrichment every few hours; i.e. snuffle mat, interactive games, power walks and scent games.


  • Hire a professional dog walker or pet minder few times per week – Why not get regular help and exercise for your dog by employing a dog walker to take your pup for a stride in the middle of the day along with a trainer or pet minder alternative days to enrich and stimulate your dog’s body & mind through training and constant reinforcement. There are several professional dog walking and pet minding companies, the key is finding the one that is fully qualified, insured and you and your pet feels comfortable with.


  • Encourage your relatives or close friends to drop by – If you have a strong social support network with close friends and relatives, encourage them to drop by and take your animal companion for a walk or swim at the beach, you can return the favor by offering babysitting or other services.


  • Check if you can bring your dog to work once a month – If your company is open to having dogs in the workplace and the type of job permits having a four-legged friend in the office, ask your boss if you can bring your dog to work once a month, nothing to lose by asking!


  • Enroll your furry friend into Dog Day Care – Unfortunately you might feel guilty for not having sufficient time to spend with your pet. Doggy Day Care’s offer your canine companion stimulation and exercise needed while you juggle work/life commitments. When choosing a Day care for your furry baby, look for one that offers multiple services, provides rest period for your furry friend, employs qualified staff together with added benefits such as Dog massage and home pick-up/drop-off to maximise convenience and minimise your stress and time.


  • Leave food puzzle toys / Interactive food maze – Food puzzles, Kong and objects filled with canned or frozen food offers unlimited diversity that can be manipulated by your dog to access food indoors. Some owners even feed their dog’s entire meals out of Kong’s or interactive food maze toys to slow down and change their eating habits while at the same time engaging their brains. Please be mindful that all food puzzle toys must be maintained in good condition to minimise chocking obstruction hazard.


  • Play date at home with other dogs – Dogs are social species. If you have friends with dogs, why not arrange play dates either at your place or theirs. Place your dog and his doggie friend in a safe, enclosed area and let them interact and become friendly with each other. This is beneficial for puppies and dogs since it’s a low-pressure situation in which they can improve their social skills without getting overwhelmed or defensive.


We understand that some of the above suggestions will depend on your work commitments, budget, social support network, family and other factors. We would love to help you customise an enriched pet care program that suits your animal companion and lifestyle.


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