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4CYTE Canine Joint Support Treatment for Dogs 50g – 100g


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4CYTETM is a revolutionary daily joint supplement for dogs. Powered by Interpath’s exclusive active ingredient, EPIITALIS®.

4CYTETM is scientifically proven to repair damaged joints affected by age, injury and arthritis. Endorsed by veterinarians and surgeons, 4CYTETM is backed by world-class research.

4CYTETM for Dogs is a premium daily joint supplement used to protect and repair damaged joints, and actively maintain joint health. Safe to take long-term, it:

  • Addresses symptoms such as stiffness and lack of willingness to jump, run or play.
  • Complements prescription joint pain treatments.
  • Supports healing after a joint injury or surgery.
  • Improves and maintains healthy joints at any stage of life.
  • Boosts the body’s ability to meet performance and recuperation demands in athletic and working dogs.
  • Targets the cause, not just the symptoms

A 100g bag of 4CYTETM for Dogs lasts approx 124 days on a maintenance dose for a dog weighing between 11 and 20kgs (23-44lbs).
Please consult your veterinarian for a recommended dose for your individual pet.

Active Ingredients

EPIITALIS®, New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel and Marine Cartilage

Sizes Available
50 gram Granules
100 gram Granules
chicken flavoured granules

Safe for long term use. Not recommended for use in pregnant animals or animals with an allergy to seafood.

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Additional information


100g, 50g


EPIITALIS®, Abalone, New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel and Marine Cartilage

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Loading Dose – applied for the first 4 weeks of use.

1-5kg = 1 scoop per day
6-10kg = 2 scoops per day
11-20kg = 4 scoops per day
21-30kg = 6 scoops per day
31kg+ = 8 scoops per day

Maintenance Dose – given after the first 4 weeks of giving the loading Dose

1-5kg = 1/2 a scoop per day
6-10kg = 1 scoop per day
11-20kg = 2 scoops per day
21-30kg = 3 scoops per day
31kg+ = 4 scoops per day

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