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Zylkene Anxiety and Behaviour Capsules 75mg



Zylkene® is a complementary feed for dogs and cats that contains a milk protein-derived molecule that contributes to pets’ well-being. It is well known to promote the relaxation of newborns after breastfeeding.
Zylkene® helps pets cope with stressful situations and when facing unusual along with unpredictable circumstances.
Zylkene® is palatable and easy to give: simply mix with food or give the whole capsule. It can be given daily and is both preservative and lactose free.
Zylkene can help support dogs and cats in situations where they find they need to adapt their behaviour to cope. These can include: kennel and cattery stays, house relocation, arrival of a new bay or pet, sudden noises such as fireworks, travel or festivities.

Zylkene® is a natural product and has no known medical or medication contraindication. It is safe to use in pregnant and lactating animals and has no minimum or maximum age limit. Zylkene is also lactose free.


How to give Zylkene®

For short term use: Fireworks, Travelling, Being away from home (holidays, kennels, catteries), Nursing and Weaning. Begin administration 1-2 days before the predicted event or change in environment. Some animals may need earlier administration (5-7 days).

For long term use: Animal adoption, Being home alone, Moving to a new house, Cohabitation with other pets, New baby in the household and Thunderstorm season. Start giving Zylkene® for one month then reassess the pet. Association with a behaviour modification program may help in these situations.

Dosage and Administration

Zylkene comes in three strengths:

  • Zylkene Capsules 75mg (30 capsules)
  • Zylkene Capsules 225mg (30 capsules)
  • Zylkene Capsules 450mg (30 capsules)
Capsule Strength (Dogs & Cats)
WeightDaily Dose
Zylkene 75mg0-5kg1 capsule
Zylkene 75mg5-10kg2 capsules

Zylkene Capsules can be given whole or can be opened and the powder mixed with food, treat or liquids. Ensure total dose given and received. Don’t sprinkle on a large meal as animal will only eat small amount and not receive optimum dosage.



  • Always consult your veterinarian prior to administration of any supplementation.
  • Water should be available at all times.
  • Not suitable for severe anxiety and behavioural problems.
  • Not suitable for cats with digestive disorders; diarrhoea


Active Ingredients

  • Capsules contain a palatable, water soluble powder that appeals to both dogs and cats


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