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Catventure Cat Leash – Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles



The Catventure Leash is made from recycled plastic bottles to create a durable, flexible, tough leash to provide an eco-friendly option. The 100% recycled plastic bottles means the material is ready for all of your cats adventures and walks. No matter what adventures are planned for the day, this leash is ready for the challenge! Our mission is to give cat owners the confidence to harness and leash walk their cats.

Size: 150cm long x 1.5cm wide

ECO-FRIENDLY – The leash is made from recycled plastic bottles to help take positive steps towards re-purposing plastic pollution.

PRACTICAL – Suitable for rainy days and beach/puddle adventures, the recycled material allows for quick drying and the fabric won’t warp out of shape once wet. This means leash is easy to clean with no chance of reshaping, stretching or wearing out when wet.

SIMPLE DESIGN – With simple and lightweight design, this classical and durable leash is super suitable for your small pets to go for a walk. The leash offers effective protection as well as effortless control and brings a new way of walking with your lovely companion.

PURRFECT LENGTH –  1.5 metres long, this cat leash is a perfect choice to bring balance between freedom and control for your pet during daily walks. It fits many occasions, such as walking, running, or training, safely restraining your pet from getting too far away while giving your best friend enough freedom of movement to explore and discover her/his immediate environment

360 DEGREE SWIVEL CLIP –  The cat leash features a solid 360° rotating swivel clip which enables quick and safe attachment to collar or harness. It is also tangle-free and allows your cat to move around freely with no worry about the leash getting twisted.

COMFORTABLE TO USE – This cat leash boasts a lightweight and sturdy handle – different from your standard dog leash which can be too heavy. This is so you can get a comfortable and firm grip even during long walks for both you and your cat. Your fur-baby will stay safely within your safe and gentle control by maintaining a comfy connection between you and your pet while on the go or enjoying outdoor activities; Please give your cat some time to get familiar with the leash for the first time use

The Catventure leash is practical, durable and is suitable for use in all conditions. It features a 360 degree swivel clip, perfect for Cat Harness Training!

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