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Catventure – Escape Proof Cat Harness


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Imagine the exhilaration and sensory stimulation your cat will experience while exploring the great outdoors with a Catventure Harness!

The Catventure Cat Harness is designed for and tested by Aussie domestic cats, ensures that your cat is as comfortable and secure as possible. Ideal for the Houdini cats of the world who can just about sneak their way out of any harness.

The Catventure Cat Harness is ideal for Australia’s many climate zones, the adjustable cat harness is pure cotton with an undyed lining. The ideal accessory for adventures such as road trips, bush walks and trips to the beach or local cafe once your kitty is fully trained. This Harness is also perfect for trips to the vet or simply walking your cat around the backyard or neighbourhood.

Catventure Features

  • The harness is a jacket style which fastens with high strength velcro for around the neck and belly of your cat.
  • The silver buckle is located on the mid-back of the harness to alleviate any pressure from the lead on your cats neck.
  • The jacket is designed with a focus of your cat feeling secure like they are being hugged. They also have the flexibility in their shoulders to feel more confident on their walks.
  • The jacket design is escape-proof as long as it’s fastened properly, as the cat can’t wiggle their arms through the arm holes.
  • A Cat Harness Leash will need to be purchased separately
Cat Harness Sizing

Available in six sizes; XS, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, XL and XXL

It is important to measure and purchase the correct sized harness for your cat to ensure it fits your cat snug and comfortably.


Cat Harness Sizing Chart
Size      Neck Circumference     Chest Circumference
XS14 – 21cm18 – 28cm
S17 – 22cm29 – 37cm
M22 – 29cm34 – 41cm
L26 – 32cm38 – 48cm
XL29 – 36cm41 – 51cm
XXL32 – 38cm51 – 61cm
How to Measure Your Cat

Neck Measurement: Measure the widest part of the base of the neck where the collar would usually fit.

Chest Measurement: Measure the largest part of ribcage behind the front legs.

Importance of Harness training
When a cat happily wears a harness and leash, it gives the cat greater freedom to investigate a whole new world of enrichment outdoors and relieve stress.

Book your Cat Harness Training Bundle here and start enjoying boundless adventures.

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Large, Medium, Small, XL, XS (Kitten), XXL

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