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Cats are easily triggered by internal and external stressors such as noisy environments, social isolation, poor quality diet, lack of mental stimulation, aggression from pets within or outside the home and certain smells such as cigarette smoke, chemical cleaning products and air fresheners.

You can help alleviate chronic stress by following these simple tips:

  • Daily or weekly brushing will strengthen your bond and help reduce anxiety levels.
  • Some cats are known to respond well to herbs, essential oils and pheromones. Trial a variety of scents and see which ones work best for your individual cat.
  • Consistent play time and exercise appropriate to their specific age & health condition can ease their nervousness.
  • Regular massage can do wonders to the nervous system, applying frequent hands on therapy to an anxious cat can relax them, aid with overall digestion & circulation, support the immune system and build ongoing trust.
  • Feeding suitable rich animal protein diet specifically designed for your kitty with hairball control is also of benefit.
  • Calming music can have a soothing effect on your kitty which may help relieve tension.
  • Cardboard boxes are also a great solace since they supply great hiding spot and comfort.

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures – keep your family life serene as much as possible.


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